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Redwood Preparatory Charter School is committed to offering a quality, rigorous and meaningful educational program that sets students on the path to college, and empowers students to become productive, healthy, ethical citizens in a changing society. Through a curriculum based on core academic standards and research based best practices, we empower students to become self-motivated, lifelong learners. Utilizing assessments and data to guide our instruction, we ensure that all students reach their highest levels of academic achievement.


Through participation in classroom, school, local and global communities, Redwood Prep nurtures respect for diversity and civic responsibility. We provide a vigorous learning community that reflects and supports common, core values. Children develop social responsibility and feel a greater sense of belonging in an environment which promotes close, long term relationships between classmates and teachers. In an atmosphere of collaboration and family involvement, which embraces considerate and clear communication, we believe that children flourish and grow to be healthy, competent, engaged members of our society.


Students thrive when offered opportunities to expand experiences through enrichment. Redwood Prep fosters a culture of exploration through programs and choices that promote individual and collaborative inquiry. We aim to educate the whole child by integrating drama, music, art, technology, and athletics into the curriculum. These experiences teach students to problem solve, work creatively and develop perseverance. By integrating our five core values, Redwood Preparatory Charter School is committed to educating students that are equipped with the essential skills, knowledge, and passion for learning that are critical for success in the 21st Century.



Redwood Preparatory Charter School's staff is dedicated to helping every student achieve academic success. At Redwood Preparatory we are a team of educators that utilize research-based best practices daily to ensure that our instruction meets the needs of every child and that every child is learning. We are committed to creating an environment where all students are engaged in an appropriately ambitious and rigorous course of study, and that high standards of performance are clear and consistent. The conditions for learning are modified and differentiated according to student needs. We firmly believe that our instructional approach will result in all students being prepared for success in the workplace, postsecondary education, and their civic responsibilities.


Redwood Preparatory believes that developing a student’s social skills and sense of social responsibility are critical elements in educating a well rounded student who is prepared for the 21st century. Students shall become intrinsically motivated to make responsible choices. Consistency across grade levels and throughout the school environment creates an atmosphere where students gain self-confidence, feel a sense of acceptance and belonging, are prepared to face challenges and grow academically and socially in a safe and respectful environment.



The founding committee of Redwood Preparatory Charter School believes that in order to build a superior academic community, we must first develop a culture of collaborative responsibility with a core mission focused on increased student learning. Our goal is not simply to ensure that our students are taught but to ensure that they learn. As active research partners searching for the best instructional practices, the entire staff of Redwood Prep shares in the decision making that affects our students and also in responsibility for improved academic performance and social growth for all of our children. The Redwood Prep community is not contained within the walls of the school building. Parents and community members who are stakeholders in the educational experiences of our students are valued as leaders with significant voices to be heard in the decision making process and are included as integral members of school planning regarding academic activities and practices. Redwood Prep strives to create a partnership between faculty, families, and the community based on an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, and shared responsibility for student success.


Redwood Preparatory Charter School fosters and supports community involvement from the classroom to the global level. In the 21st Century, we live in a world that is increasingly interconnected. It is exceedingly important that our students understand and take their place as active and contributing members of the communities to which they belong. We believe students, families and staff must work together with a shared vision and commitment to create a strong learning community.


Redwood Preparatory believes a well-rounded student is developed inside and outside the classroom. We foster academic, social, and emotional development by providing our students opportunities that stimulate growth in these areas throughout all curricular areas. We feel that it is important for children to understand their importance as members of a family and as members of our school, local, and global community. Activities that promote a sense of inclusion and responsibility include classroom and school-wide service learning projects and broader service-based activities in our local community.


The school day at RPrep is longer than most traditional public schools in order for us to integrate important 21stcentury skills such as technology along with performing and visual arts in addition to core content subjects. We believe that students need a variety of skills beyond “the three R’s” in order to be successful in their future.


The families of Redwood Prep are crucial in helping us provide these important learning experiences for our kids. They support our program as enrichment class leaders, grant writers, and fundraising activity participants. We abide by the philosophy that “it takes a village” to raise happy, confident, successful children.

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