Redwood Prep Calendar of Events

**Scroll Down for 19-20 School Year Calendar**


Board Meetings

Thursday, November 8th, 6:00pm

Thursday, December 13th, 6:00pm

Thursday, January 10, 6:00pm

Thursday, February 14th, 6:00pm

Thursday, March 14th, 6:00pm

Thursday, April 11th, 6:00pm

Thursday, May 9th, 6:00pm

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Committee Meeting 


Fundraising Committee

4th Tuesday of the month @ 5:30pm

Facilities Committee

4th Monday of the month @ 5:15

Leadership Team

Last Tuesday of the month @ 3:30pm

Parent Council

2nd Tuesday of the month, 6:00pm

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Redwood Prep 2019-20 School Year Calendar

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