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One of Redwood Prep's core values includes community service.  Our students and families participate in a variety of community building and supporting projects such as, "Blanketing Our Community with Kindness", visiting senior citizens, helping raise money for Miranda's Rescue and volunteering time to interact with the animals, and participating in the Safe Routes to School program. Students participate in city council meetings and are members of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce. 



Redwood Preparatory incorporates technology as an integral part of our educational plan.  Students have the opportunity to regularly interact with multiple types of technology promoting development of skills critical for the 21st century.  Technology is used throughout the day to provide daily differentiated skills practice; self-guided, project based exploration; and interactive and multimedia educational experience. Students work in a variety of settings to research, interpret data, and construct multi-media projects. Several activities involve multi-age groups working together on problem solving or information sharing projects. 



As part of our philosophy promoting "whole child" education, Redwood Prep offers a variety of visual and performing arts programs for all students. Art history, appreciation, and technique is taught daily. Students in each grade level participate in class play productions. Music will be added this year as a regular component of instruction as well as an opportunity for students to participate in band. 



 Students in fifth through eighth grades are encouraged to particpate on school sports teams. There are boys and girls basketball teams volleyball and a track team. Students also participate in cross country events and cheerleading clubs.  


We hope you will come out and cheer the kids on during the sports seasons! 

Sports Events


RPrep Volleyball




RPrep Girls' Basketball


RPep Boys' Basketball



Cross Country & Track 


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