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 For the week of May 18-22:     Life Cycles of                                      Plants and Animals

Welcome to the STEAM Lab. Redwood Preparatory STEAM Lab is a place for students to learn, explore and create.  Students use the design process to study the STEAM concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Most projects are taught in a hands-on, project based learning style.  
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Mystery Box

Did you guess what was in this week's Mystery Box?  Watch the video to find out.  Click below to find out more about this week's animal.
Week 8 message 
from Mrs. Head
This week, we will focus on the different life cycles of animals and
plants.  There are some cool summer maker activities.  Make sure you check it all out!  


LIfecycles of Animals and Plants

Watch this video to better understand the life cycle of a butterfly.


Watch this video to better understand the life cycle of a plant.

Watch this Mystery Science Mini lesson on "What's the Biggest Tree in the World?"

Click here to learn how to draw the life cycle of a tree.


Watch this video to better understand the life cycle of a frog.

Learn how to make an origami frog by folding paper.


Listen to this read aloud about the amazing life of turtles.

Click here to learn how to draw a turtle.

Check out this Loggerhead Turtle Live Cam.

Click here to do some life cycle  themed yoga.  

Contact Information

Hi!  I'm Lori Head.  I am the STEAM teacher at Redwood Prep.  In 2018, we started the STEAM Lab.  I have to admit it is my dream job.  I love helping the kids learn new things and seeing their excitement about their world.  My classroom in often loud, always a bit messy and full of fun and learning.   

Riddle of the Week:
What do frogs wear on their feet?


Click here to find out how to mail a hug to someone you love.

Here are the instructions on how to make a dragon out of craft wire.  Can you make any other creatures?

Watch this video to learn to make a unicorn with a bobble head.

Make this fun summer fan with a watermelon theme.

Check out these RPC Makers!

Maker with Sticks:

Follow these directions to make some fun ice cubes that fizz.

Watch this video to learn how to make a bird shaped kite.
Watch this video to learn how glass is made.
What can you make?  Use your imagination and make something!
I cannot wait to see what you create.



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