Mrs. Head's Second Grade Class!

INDEPENDENT STUDY- Independent Study forms for this week are provided below.  Print out a contract.  Make sure it is dated and signed.  The front page is dated with the date your child is first absent.  The second page is dated with the return date. Print out a math worksheet. Have students complete all assignments listed on the contract.  Please call the school to let us know that your child is absent.  Return completed contract to Mrs. Head within three days of absence.  

Reading Logs:

Today, your student brought home their homework folder.  It should contain their reading log.  I have several versions of reading logs, so it will change occasionally.  This is the most straight forward, so I like to use it the first couple of weeks.  Your child needs to be reading for at least 20 minutes each night.  They should record that reading on the reading log.  The log will come home on Monday (or Tuesday) and should be returned on Friday. In second grade, students are learning to pick out good fit books.  I have taught the students this strategy:


     1.  Open the book to any page.

     2.  Read the page and keep track of any words               you do not know.

     3.  0-2 unknown words--too easy.

          3-4 unknown words--just right!

          5 or more unknown words--to hard


It is okay for a student to read a book that is too easy once in a while, but I want them to stretch themselves academically.  A book that is too difficult will often cause frustration and lack of enjoyment. 



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Welcome to Second Grade.

We are in for an exciting year

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