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 For the week of :   February 24th- March 2nd:

The Geosphere: 


This month, we will studying the geosphere.  The geosphere includes all the rock, soil, and sediment that makeup Earth's land.

This week, we will focus on paleontologists.  These are the scientists that study dinosaur and their fossils.  They work on dig sites, in museums, and in laboratories,

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Friday Field Trip:

This week, pick a video below to more about paleontologists.  The first field trip follows Madisyn as she visits the Natural History Museum in San Diego.  The second covers some paleontologists as they dig in Wyoming.

Welcome to the STEAM Lab. Redwood Preparatory STEAM Lab is a place for students to learn, explore and create.  Students use the design process to study the STEAM concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Most projects are taught in a hands-on, project based learning style.  
My website is updated with new activities each Wednesday evening.  Activities follow along with in-class units.


Click here to learn how to draw a Pterodactyl or draw yourself as a paleontologist.

Create your own fossil dig site or make one for a friend.  Experiment what it feels like to be a paleontologist.

Learn how to make trace fossils out of salt dough.  The ingredient are probably ones you have in your kitchen.

Watch this video to learn how to make a fizzing, surprise dinosaur egg.

Maker Challenge:

           Create a               Dinosaur Habitat


Choose your favorite dinosaur.  Now, create a habitat that would make a good place for this dinosaur to live.

A habitat is....

A habitat is a place where an organism makes its home. A habitat meets all the environmental conditions an organism needs to survive. The main components of a habitat are shelter, water, food, and space.


1.  Where will you make your habitat?  Will it be outside?  Or made from a box and paper?  Or something else?  It is up to you.  Use your creativity.

2.  Draw a diagram of your plans.  Remember a habitat needs to have shelter, water, food and space.

  Be sure to think about...

      Shelter-How big of area will your dinosaur need for safe shelter?  Will it need to hide from predators?  

       Water-  Does it need water just for drinking?  Or does it use water for swimming or hiding?

        Food-Think about if your dinosaur is a carnivore, an herbivore, or omnivore.

         Space-How big is your dinosaur?  Will it need a HUGE area, or just a small  space?  Will it need an area to camouflage?  Trees to hide in? 

3.  Build your habitat.  Think like a dinosaur.  How would you want your home to look?

4.  Now, give someone a tour our your dinosaur habitat.  Be sure to point out all those special details.  Especially, where your dinosaur will sleep, where it's water supply is, and where it will get it's food.

Have fun!  Be creative and stay curious.

Read Alouds:

Click on a button below to listen to some books about paleontologists and the jobs they do.

Things to Remember About Maker:

--Through Maker, students work on problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, independence, and creativity.

--This is their creation.  Let them take the lead.

--Let them fail.  It's how we learn and become adaptable.

--Making is easier if they design (draw) what they are going to make first.

-- Do not solve their problems.  Offer suggestions and options.

--Teach them to use tools such as a hot glue gun, scissors, pliers, etc.  They use all these tools in the STEAM Lab.

--Collect a box of maker supplies.  Some ideas include cardboard, foil, fabric scraps, craft wire, craft sticks.  There are endless possibilities.

--Have fun. There are no mistakes in Maker and Art. 

Hi!  I'm Lori Head.  I am the STEAM teacher at Redwood Prep.  In 2018, we started the STEAM Lab.  I have to admit it is my dream job.  I love helping the kids learn new things and seeing their excitement about their world.  My classroom in often loud, always a bit messy and full of fun and learning.   

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