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Enrollment Period  January-February

Enrollment Lottery Occurs the first part of March

Redwood Preparatory Charter School (RPrep) is a fre​e, public elementary school located in Fortuna, California, serving students and families in the Eel River Valley. When necessary, Redwood Prep’s founding committee and the DIBI Board of Directors will implement a public random lottery process that complies with state and federal non-regulatory guidelines.


Parents interested in enrolling children at Redwood Prep may fill out an Intent to Enroll Form and submit the form via email, fax, or regular mail. Once the Intent to Enroll form is received by Redwood Prep, students will be placed on our waiting list in the order in which they are received.  After the open enrollment period, waiting list placement changes to reflect the lottery process outcome. 

Enrollment Process

Redwood Preparatory Charter actively recruits a diverse student population from families who understand and value the school’s mission and are committed to a technology and project-based learning environment with rigorous academic standards and high behavioral expectations. Admission requirements are as follows:

Applications will be considered for admission without regard to gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or actual or perceived disability. Parents/guardians must affirm that the information represented in the application and signed parent/student contract is accurate. If the information is misrepresented the child may be subject to dismissal and directed to return to his or her school district of residence. Students who have been expelled or are on a suspended expulsion from their previous district may be admitted subject to a determination by the RPC Board of Directors in accordance with the charter. 

Enrollment Lottery:

If the number of applications submitted does not exceed the school’s capacity, all students meeting the criteria for admission will be admitted to Redwood Preparatory Charter School. If the number of applications exceeds the school’s capacity, attendance shall be determined by a public random lottery drawing.  Parents are not required to attend but are welcome to be present if they so desire. The enrollment lottery will be held at the beginning of March. After the lottery, students will be placed on the waiting list in the order in which Intent to Enroll forms are received. This list will remain in effect until the end of the current school year. 

​​Enrollment Preferences:

If a public random lottery drawing becomes necessary, preferences shall be extended in the following manner, and as agreed upon with the charter authorizer:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled students with priority given to siblings residing within the district. Must also complete Intent to Enroll form  - Exempted from lottery

  2. Children of Redwood Preparatory teachers - Exempted from the lottery (not to exceed 10% of enrollment)

  3. Students residing within the boundaries of Fortuna Elementary School District - weighted two to one over non-district students in the lottery as per agreement with the Superintendent of Fortuna Elementary School District (i.e. a student residing in the boundaries of FESD shall have two chips placed in the lottery, whereas a student residing outside the boundaries shall only have one chip placed in the lottery drawing).

  4. Students residing outside the boundaries of Fortuna Elementary School District

Lottery Process:

The lottery process will be conducted by a disinterested party assigned the role of lottery administrator. The lottery administrator will be an individual agreed upon by both the RPC founding committee and the authorizing school district. Only impacted grade levels will participate in the lottery drawing. All completed applications received during the open enrollment period will be assigned a number.

​Parent Notification of Lottery Results:

Parents will be notified by phone or email of the lottery results. Parents have five (5) working days to respond verbally or by e-mail to the enrollment invitation. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school of changes in telephone number or email address. The charter school shall not be responsible for failure to contact a family due to expired contact information. If the school is unable to contact the family, or the family does not respond within five (5) working days, the school will consider the family has declined the slot.

Waiting List Procedures:

Those students not chosen for admission will be placed on a grade-level waiting list for the following school year based upon the order in which they were drawn. Waiting lists are valid for the entire school year. Once placed on a waiting list, a student will remain on the list until one of the following occurs: 

  1. Space becomes available; the student is accepted and enrolls.

  2. The parent/guardian requests that the student be removed from the waiting list.

  3. The school year for that waiting list ends.

​Waiting List Enrollment:
If a space becomes available in a grade level for the enrollment year, the slot will be offered to the first name on the waiting list for that grade level. The Charter School will notify the applicant of the available space. Notification may be in the form of phone call, phone message, or e-mail. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to update contact information. The Charter School shall not be responsible for failure to contact a wait-listed family due to expired contact information. Once notified of an available slot, a parent/guardian will have the following options:
  1. Accept the available slot by speaking directly with the Charter Director or designated individual. For the purposes of this procedure, the Charter School must receive the response within five working days of the offer in order for the acceptance to be valid.
  2. Decline the available slot and be removed from the waiting list.
  3. Decline the available slot and be placed at the end of the waiting list.
​Enrollment Procedure Post Open Enrollment:

If enrollment spaces are available, students who submit a completed application for admissions will be enrolled on a first come, first serve basis.  If there are not enrollment spaces available, students shall be placed at the end of the appropriate grade-level waiting list.

​Admission Requirements:
Redwood Prep has an online registration system.  After a student’s application is accepted, or randomly selected in the case of a lottery, the following must be completed by assigned deadlines in order to maintain acceptance status and complete the enrollment process:
  1. Online Registration Forms
    • Emergency Card (included in online registration forms)
    • Free / Reduced Lunch Application (included in online registration forms)
    • Signed Student/Parent Handbook Acknowledgement form (included in online registration forms)
    • Technology Use Contract
  2. Release of Records Form (if transferring from another school)
  3. Verification of Age with one of the following accepted documents:  a religious, hospital, or physician’s certificate showing date of birth; an entry in a family bible; an adoption record; an affidavit from a parent/guardian; a birth certificate; previously verified school records; or any other documents permitted by law
  4. Oral Health Assessment Form (printable form under parent info.)
  5. Immunization Records 
  6. Report of Health Examination for School Entry Form (printable form under parent info.)
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