Distance Learning Opportunities

 For the week of January 27th-February 2nd:   

   The Geosphere: 

   Weathering and Erosion


This month, we will be learning all about the geosphere.  The geosphere is the rocks, soil, and sediment that make up Earth. This week, we will learn about the slow changes to the earth:  Weathering and Erosion.
Click below to learn more about the amazing planet on which we live.

Friday Field Trip:

This week, you have can journey to a glacier and explore an ice cave or raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Read Alouds:

Click on a button to listen to a story about mountains.
Welcome to the STEAM Lab. Redwood Preparatory STEAM Lab is a place for students to learn, explore and create.  Students use the design process to study the STEAM concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Most projects are taught in a hands-on, project based learning style.  
My website is updated with new activities each Wednesday evening.  Activities follow along with in-class units.


Click here to learn how to draw a waterfall or a doodle of a mountain.

Click here to see how to make your own poster on weathering and erosionl

Do an experiment on erosion with Jessi from Sci Show.

Watch this video of a how water breaks down rock and then, try the experiment on your own.

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Maker Challenge:

 Build a Building Than Can Survive An Earthquake






Design and build a two story building.  Build it on a piece of paper.  Build the house sturdy enough that when you pull out the piece of paper, it stays standing!

--First, brainstorm and draw your ideas for your device.  

      Think about these things:


          *What materials will you use to build your house?  Building blocks?  Legos?  Cardboard?

          *How will you connect and attach the


          *How tall will your house be?  What size piece of paper be?


--Gather your materials.  You may use any items you have at home.  Be sure to ask first.

--Build your house.  It must have four sides, at least 2 stories, and a roof.


--Place your house on the paper. Quickly, pull out the paper.  Did your house stay standing?  


--Do you need to make adjustments or modifications.  If you change your design, be sure to add that to your design drawing.

Be Creative!  Have fun!

Hi!  I'm Lori Head.  I am the STEAM teacher at Redwood Prep.  In 2018, we started the STEAM Lab.  I have to admit it is my dream job.  I love helping the kids learn new things and seeing their excitement about their world.  My classroom in often loud, always a bit messy and full of fun and learning.