Welcome to the STEAM Lab. Redwood Preparatory STEAM Lab is a place for students to learn, explore and create.  Students use the design process to study the STEAM concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Most projects are taught in a hands-on, project based learning style.  
Why are Christmas trees bad knitters?

Friday Field Trip:

This week, you have a chance to visit a Christmas tree farm and learn how Christmas ornaments are made.


Click here to learn how to draw a Christmas tree. There are two different ones to choose from.  

Click here to learn how to make a Christmas tree in 3D. Can you decorate it?  What materials could you use?

Click here to learn to make a pop-up Christmas card. 

Make a crystal tree with a few simple ingredients.  

Distance Learning Opportunities

 For the December 2nd-8th:   

 Celebrate the Season: 

                        Christmas Trees

This month, we will celebrate the season by learning a little about our different traditions.  
Our first tradition is the Christmas tree.  Click below to learn about how an evergreen became a symbol of the holiday season.
My website is updated with new activities each Wednesday.  Activities follow along with in-class units.

Read Alouds:

Click on a button to listen to some 
fun stories about Christmas Trees

Maker Challenge:

 Tree Ornament







Make an ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.   It needs to be 3 dimensional and have some way for it to hang.

--First, brainstorm and draw your ideas for your ornament.

      Think about these things:

          *What materials will you use?

          *How will you connect and attach the


          *Will there be moving parts?  

--Gather your materials.  You may use any items you have at home.  Be sure to ask first.

--Build your ornament.  Do you need to make adjustments or modifications.  If you change your design, be sure to add that to your design drawing.

Be Creative!  Have fun!

Hi!  I'm Lori Head.  I am the STEAM teacher at Redwood Prep.  In 2018, we started the STEAM Lab.  I have to admit it is my dream job.  I love helping the kids learn new things and seeing their excitement about their world.  My classroom in often loud, always a bit messy and full of fun and learning.   

Recipe of the Week:

Peanut Butter Cup

Christmas Trees

Create these fun treats to share with your family.

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​​Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.    -Margaret Mead