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Distance Learning Opportunities

 For the week of May  12th-18th:

   Plants and Animals in the Garden:  Bees!


This week, our focus is bees in the garden, specifically, seeds and flowers.  Learn how bees make a garden grow and what they need to thrive.
Click below to learn more about bees in the garden.
Bees at Work

Friday Field Trip:

This week, you have two field trips from which to choose.  First, you can visit a bee farm. The second trip, is to visit inside an actual bee colony.  Have fun!

Beekeeper with Bees
Welcome to the STEAM Lab. Redwood Preparatory STEAM Lab is a place for students to learn, explore and create.  Students use the design process to study the STEAM concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Most projects are taught in a hands-on, project based learning style.  
My website is updated with new activities each Wednesday evening.  Activities follow along with in-class units.


Click here to learn how to draw a simple bee or a more realistic one.

Click here to learn how to make a contraption that will imitate the sound a bee makes.

Learn how to create a 3D bee hive with some simple materials.

Create a bee rock for your garden or yard.  Or, hide it for someone to find.

Read Alouds:

Click on a button to listen to a story about bees.

Contact Information

Hi!  I'm Lori Head.  I am the STEAM teacher at Redwood Prep.  In 2018, we started the STEAM Lab.  I have to admit it is my dream job.  I love helping the kids learn new things and seeing their excitement about their world.  My classroom in often loud, always a bit messy and full of fun and learning.   

Maker Challenge:

              Build a Hand Pollinator 







Watch this video about making a hand pollinator.  Then, design your own  hand pollinator.  It does not have to be a bee, but can be anything you can imagine.

Remember your creation will have to have someway to collect the pollen and a way to move from flower to flower.


-- Decide how you will make your hand pollinator.  Draw out your plan on a piece of paper.  Make sure you have labels.

 Think about these questions:

     What will use to make it?

      Where will the pollen be collected?

      How will your creation move from flower to flower?


--Build your pollinator.


-- Test your hand pollinator.  Does it seem like it will work?  What could you do to improve your design?  

Be Creative!  Have fun!




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