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Enterovirus D68 Outbreak Information


While children head back to school, the spread of disease and sickness increases accordingly.  The common cold, the flu and other common bugs tend to hit hardest during the months of July through October. This year, however, a more serious and rare non-polio enterovirus is spreading throughout the country, it is known as enterovirus D68.

The virus attacks the respiratory system, more commonly and dangerously affecting asthmatic children and adults. The very nature of this respiratory-attacking virus is why it is important to be on high alert should you or your child exhibit any breathing difficulties and/or wheezing. 

While it is rare, enterovirus D68 is not new nor is it a mystery. It was discovered in California in 1962. However, the spread of the EV-D68 outbreak we are seeing today is certainly unprecedented. 

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and methods to avoid infection and transmission.


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