All About 

Valentine' Day

For the week of:  February 10th-23rd

Click below to learn about the Valentine's day


Friday Field Trip:

This week's field trips include chance to get outside to spread a little kindness and a visit to a candy factory to see how conversation hearts are made.  Have fun!

Click here to follow a Valentine themed directed draw lesson.  The primary draw teaches you how to draw a valentine in an envelope.  The elementary draw shows you how to draw a bear holding a valentine.
Click here to get a little exercise in this fun game of Would You Rather?
Learn to make an easy Valentine's Day Card here.  
To do the Valentine's Day Freeze Dance click here.

Art and Activities:


   Design and make a piece of Valentine Jewelry

What type of jewelry will you make?  A ring? Necklace?  Bracelet?

What materials will you use?  Craft wire?  Beads?  Paper?  The possiblities are endless?  Use your imagination.  Get creative with your materials.

Make a plan on a piece of paper.  Are you going to keep the jewelry or give it to someone else as a gift?  

Make your piece of jewelry.  Did you have to make a changes?  Make sure you add those to your planning sheet.

Have fun!  Happy Making!