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Plants and Animals in the Garden:  ANTS!

For the week of May 5th-11th

Ants are amazing creatures.  We have all seen them in our gardens, but why are they there?  What is their lifecycle?  What do they eat?
Click below to learn more.
Click here to learn to draw an ant.  The second one is a little more difficult.
Watch the video of someone's experiment testing what types of food ants like best.  Then, conduct your own experiment using different foods.  You might want some adult help for this one.
Learn to make an easy ant from a spoon and some simple other supplies.
Learn all about an ant puppet from paper.  Can you make it walk?

Art and Activities:


Read Aloud:

Click on one of the links to listen to books all about ants.
Story Book
Story Book

Friday Field Trip:

We have two field trip opportunities this week...

The first is a visit to a colony of leaf cutter ants.  See how they live and the jobs they do.  


The second opportunity is an ant hunt.  Go outside and see how many different places that you can find ants.  Be sure to turn rocks over and lift things up.  Are all the ants you find the same species?  Can you find ants doing different jobs.  If you find a solitary ant, can you follow it back to it's colony?  Have fun.





    Make a Bouquet of Flowers

Girl with Flower

Make a bouquet of flowers using materials you find at home.

What materials will you use?  Paper?  Cardboard?  TIssue Paper?

Make sure your flowers have all the different parts.  If you are not sure of the parts watch the video below.




Make a plan on a piece of paper.  If you make changes as you build, make sure you change your paper design.

Make your flowers.   

When you are done, give your bouquet of flowers to a mom.  It could be your mom, your grandma, or even a neighbor.  


Happy Making!

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