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Redwood Prep Technology Safe Use Policies and Programs


Redwood Prep students utilize technology tools throughout the school day and for projects outside of school time. Student safety is a top priority in the classroom and in the online world.  Below are several links to online safety and digital citizenship sites for families and educators.  

The links above will take you to RPrep's online safety policies. These policies were adapted from documents presented by the California Department of Education, the California Charter School Association,  and the Charter School Development Center. 

At the sites listed above, you will find educational games and programs that teach children to become safe and responsible digital citizens.  A few minutes spent interacting with these online tools will help protect your child from the pitfalls and dangers of online communication. 

Technology is regularly integrated into daily academic activites for students at Redwood Prep. As we build our students' skills with 21st Century tools, we must also prepare them for the challenges and risks that accompany online life. The links listed above provide excellent resources for families and community members interacting our increasingly digital world. 

Documents listed here explain some of the legal implications for addressing cyberbullying in schools and provide  online safety tips for families. 

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